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How to download your files

PLEASE NOTE Missing any part of the sign up process will stop your files instantly downloading. Files will remain pending until you sign up with all the information required by UK law for tax purposes.How do I get my digital filesAfter purchase you will get an emailed Order Confirmation, you can click the blue file link that displays your download files. If you havent filled out the sign up process correctly in all fields then your files will be left in limbo/pending. its important you include your address and phone number not that we will ever use it, it is a requirement of the UK trading laws, all items processed must be traceable for tax purposes. Log in if your not already logged in to select - My account , My orders, Downloads, any files you have paid for will be downloadable from there. If paypal hasn't gone through or you have used a credit card then this can cause a delay. Please e mail us via the contact us page at the bottom of every page. How do I save my digital filesYou must be able to unzip the files & save to your computer before using. There are free unzip utilities available from the internet (I use winzip its free). Right click and c..
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