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Troubleshooting Embroidery

General Instructions

**Should you receive the wrong file/design please e mail us straight away or go to Returns at the bottom of this page and let us know. You will be sent the correct item.

**Your fabric must be perfectly still. You should hear a drum sound once you tap your fabric in the hoop.
Please ensure your tensions are correct before you begin.

**Always use stabilizers on jersey fleece and those types of fabric.

BACKING on jersey / stretchy material,Sometimes you may need a backing and a topping! TOPPING on fleece and towels or your design will have bits of fleece poking through.

**For patches I use just stabilizer and no material. I use up to 3 sheets of soluble topping clamped on a fast frame so my design is super clean on the edges when finished.

**I myself never use spray stabilizer as it gunks up needles and to be honest is pretty useless anyway. Unless you like waiting 12 hours dry time to begin.

**Make sure the stitch tension on your machine is adequately set. Since every machine is different, I leave it to you to research your machine & the specific settings.

If the tension is off, you will see spaces. or your design will scrunch in to a tight bulletproof mess.
Appliqué Instructions
Please see the learn how to applique section for a written Visual explanation.

Q. I have a 4X4  file that won't open on my machine, what is the problem
A.Your hoop or make of machine may not be a full 4x4 size, often if the file wont open it's because your machine allows for a few mm gap between the stitch area and the hoop itself as not to ram the needle in to the hoop, so although it states 4x4 it could actually only have a stitch area of 3.85 inches which as we know isn't 4 inch by 4 inch. In this case you will need to resize the design. A good rule is if you didn't design it stick to 20% resizing, your usually going to get the design as good as it should be with 20% or less, That's bigger or smaller.

Q.How do I resize a design
A.You can learn to re size a design/ Add lettering / Split and adjust pretty easily if you go on youtube and search the video sections (how do I resize in wilcom)
I myself don't use wilcom I use a professional programme that cost thousands of pounds, I doubt you will want to pay that for a resize so get a free one it will work good enough.
First you need to download some software, You can download the FREE wilcom software "Wilcom Truesizer" found on Wilcom's website

Q.Can I use these designs on a regular sewing machine?
A.No they will not work, You will need a digital computerised embroidery machine.

Q. Help my fabric has all puckered up and my design is bulletproof.
A. Ok so you either have a problem with your tensions, loosen off until the design stitches nicely.
    The density maybe set wrong if the digitiser isn't advanced enough.
     You have got a free design off the internet/ This is where learners plonk they're poor designs free because they can't sell rubish/ very few people give away good designs.

Q.My applique is stitching the tac down stitch in a different place to the placement stitch?
A. Now did you sit with your machine? it has more than likely snagged and that's pulled the fabric from the hoop OR you took your fabric out the hoop to trim the edges of the placement fabric. tut tut common newbie mistake (yes I've done it myself he he as she hides with embarrassment)  START AGAIN that's your only option. hoop tight and don't take out the hoop till the final stitch is stitched.

Q. My design is see through? the stitching hasn't covered the fabric?
A. ok so light stitching on black fabric is see through- the design needs a lower density. this means more stitches are needed or a topping will help somewhat. You can also use a thicker thread.
** black stitching on light fabric- see above this is the same problem as black fabric. so to be clear design is too thin- lower density needed. design is to thick - higher density is needed - less stitches.

Q. My design didn't stitch out correctly- my design is distorted- the outline isn't on the design- the fabric is out of the hoop.
A.When a design or outline is off the design it is more than likely incorrect hooping and or the hoop not being tightened up enough. You should hear a drum sound once the hoop has correctly holding the fabric. If the design has shifted this is probably a snag with the thread forcing the machine arm out of calibration, always sit and watch your design so you can see what is happening and correct it straight away. Make sure the arm of the machine holding the hoop isn't hitting anything in close vicinity of the machine. Use the correct hoop for the design size you are working with. Be careful when trimming the fabric edges of an applique and if possible use applique scissors they are around £10 in the UK and $20 in America. Keep your excess fabric away from the embroidery area, you can do this with clips. Clip all fabric out the way and keep watch on the stitch out. You may want to use a cut away stabiliser instead of a tearaway since a tearaway can distort the design when you tear it away anyway.

**Your machine may need a service, If at all possible look up your machine on you tube and how to service many people post videos on this subject.

**Re calibrate your machine this will be in your manual.

 **Every design is test stitched before going on sale and you will see this with the stitchout picture in the advert, If yours doesn't look like the picture then troubleshoot all the steps as advised above.  

Come back here soon, we will add some.